Yesterday was INSANE!

I had this whole thing written out last night and when I hit “publish”, it was gone!!!

It all started with about 4 calls from TV5 news first thing in the morning. I’d called them the day before about the Salvation Army scam and they wanted to come over to interview me. I didn’t think this was a good idea because the guy knows where I live and that I have two small kids at home, yet another person called in an attempt to change my mind. I told them I’d do a phone interview but that was it. Disgruntled, he hung up and I didn’t hear back from them at all. Nobody did show up at my house yesterday but my friend Annie came by with a couple of beers and a cold one sure did taste good at 12:00 pm!

So as the day went on, I took a couple more LLL calls, nothing major, actually they were quite easy to handle. Sophie took a really long nap and Will had a really short one, his nose got all clogged up from his cold and he woke up after about 45 mintues just crying! So he was pretty crabby the rest of the day.

When my husband got home we were trying to decide what to do that evening, when we heard a CLUNK and sudden screaming… Sophie had fallen off the bed. 😦 The bed is a mile high and usually she lets me know she’s awake before moving around, this time she didn’t and just started playing. So now she won’t be able to nap in the bed unless I’m right there, or if we get a baby monitor. It will have to be the cosleeper for now.

Then I’d gotten a phone call from a friend that they had found a pigeon wandering around M46, which is a major road, pretty busy one. It was friendly and has a leg band. I don’t know anyone who is missing a pigeon but if you do, please let me know!

So after all that, we decided to go to the fair. Will rode such BIG rides it seems! (they were kiddie rides but it was SO weird to see my baby riding on rides by himself!!!) We ate greasy fair food that ALWAYS sounds a lot better than it actually is (yuck) and kept the kids out way too late. Then we came home, they got baths and we all went to bed after WordPress ate my post I’d worked on!

That brings us to this morning. I woke up and found a message on my answering machine from the SALVATION ARMY! Stating they wanted to reschedule the pick up!!! So right away I called the police but was unable to add anything to the report because the officer was now off til Sunday??? WTF???? So after not getting any help from them I called the lady at the SA office to see if the name or phone number they left on my machine sounded familiar. She said the phone number was the number you could call if you had a couch or something huge that needed picking up, but she’d make some calls and call me back. When she did, it turns out there WAS a legitimate drive, it was the SA office in Flint, and they’d been calling people at random in Midland and Lansing and apparently never notified the Midland office. SO, now there is a police report, a notice in the newspaper that should come out today, TV5 had called them, it’s a big mess!! All because they never notified Midland what they were doing.

My life is always so boring and that’s just fine, because all of this is giving me a huge headache!!!


3 thoughts on “Yesterday was INSANE!

  1. I’m laughing, mostly because I’m glad you are ok, but also because thats sort of funny in a sad way! I’m definitely glad no one showed up at your house though! Ugh! Communication people, communication!!!!!

  2. That *is* insane. OMG … I can’t imagine! I would have been freaking out, too. Why would they just call random people? That’s nuts. Communication!!! I am so glad that you’re OK!

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