I’ve been tagged!! 8 Random things…

Amberjee at Sleep Is For The Weak just tagged me! So here we go! 🙂 8 random things about myself.

1. I am a certified rescue diver. I did my scuba training in college and used to dive in Lake Superior. The coldest water temp I had was about 35 degrees and the warmest, only about 58!

2. My family has not been in the US that long. My grandparents on one side were born in Hungary, and my great grandparents on the other side, in Finland.

3. I’ve been a registered nurse since 1992. The hardest thing I ever had to do was work on a baby who had been injured, to find out the next day that he’d died. The best thing I ever saw was birth and the most peaceful, death. I have found that being a full time mother is the best job of all.

4. I have never met anyone famous but I have a friend who sang on stage with Barry Manilow! I was there!

5. A few years ago I did a counted cross stitch of the Mona Lisa. It’s huge. My husband said I would never finish it so of course I had to then!

6. My job in college was sewing costumes in the theatre. Had a great time. I ran my finger over with the sewing machine one day while I was working on a man’s silk suit coat. It went through the nail and bone and came out the other side. I had to go to the emergency room to have it taken out. I didn’t get a drop of blood on the suit and finished it when I came back to work.

7. I love belly dancing!! I haven’t done ANY since my daughter was born but I sure would love to get back into it someday. And, I’m about a size 20 right now! 😀 I can dance with a sword balanced on my head.

8. Another job I had in college (before the sewing job) was in radio. My job was to make sure the ads were played during the satellite feeds and I also read the news, sports and weather. It was fun! I used my real name on the air.

There ya go! I’m going to tag Cinnamonamon next, I hope she will play with me!


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