OK I’m pretty freaked out now…

The other day I got a phone call from the Salvation Army, stating they were looking for donations and would be able to come by with a truck on Thursday (tomorrow) at noon to pick things up if I wanted.  I told them that would be great.  In the meantime, we have some old furniture and a lot of other things to give away.

I phoned the Salvation Army today to ask them if they had room in the truck for a lazy boy chair.  They said THEY DO NOT EVER SOLICIT BY PHONE, and now I am wondering WHO this guy was!!!  They said they would call a couple more people and call me back.  They verified that nobody from their organization was calling people but that they had gotten another similar call earlier today.  I told them I’d gotten a call on Monday and maybe they should alert the news to warn people?

In the meantime I called the sheriff’s office to see what I should do, they said if anyone shows up at my house tomorrow I need to call 911 right away, and they would come out.  The SA lady I talked to on the phone said they were going to file a police report.  I mistakenly told the man (the scammer) that it was hard to get in with my stuff because I HAVE TWO SMALL KIDS… what a f-ing idiot am I?????  I’m sure once I tell my husband he is going to be pretty worried.  This is very freaky.  I’m pretty damn nervous now and not at all happy about this!!  I don’t want to not be here, I wonder if someone would try to break in… well this sucks on top of everything else.  Hopefully it will just be a quiet day around here tomorrow…


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