Now we have colds…

And I still have mono… this sucks.  Sophie slept like crap last night and the longest stretch I got was just about 1 hour.  All the other stretches were less than 45 minutes.  She is teething too.  Now I have a sore throat and runny/itchy nose and a headache and a slight fever and I just feel like hell.  Why can this not get better…


6 thoughts on “Now we have colds…

  1. Hi Liz…love your blog. I see your not feeling well. It’s never fun to have sick kids and then yourself being sick at the same time.
    Hang in there…my boys are 8 and 4 (exactly 9 days from being 5), and sicks kids are NOT fun.
    I am going to Houghton again over Labor Day weekend, can’t wait. I get to Houghton about 6 times a year…more if at all possible. I have two homes…Houghton and Flushing….I’d rather be in ‘Houghton home’.
    Hope you feel better soon.

    Kathy (Pidgeon HHS 1987!)

  2. Oh you poor girl! I hope you guys feel better soon. Hopefully that girl baby will let you get some rest so you can both recover.

  3. It sounds like you’re going through hell right now, to say the least! Ugh ~ I hope that you get feeling better soon! You’ve had such a rough time of it lately. Thinking of you!

  4. Liz, I really wish I lived just a tad closer! I would come get the kids for a bit and take them to the park so you could rest! You need some good solid sleep!!!
    I’m sorry Sophie is still learning to sleep, but it sounds like Will might be a little bit better now! I cant believe our boys are almost 3! Its crazy! Pretty soon they’ll be in kindergarten!

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