The weekend

As usual, it went way too fast, and once again, tomorrow is Monday.  Unlike most Mondays, I probably won’t spend the whole day doing laundry because I managed to get caught up this weekend.

On Saturday we went and had some fun at “Kochville Days”.  It’s a small community festival that my husband’s home township has each year.  They have antique cars, fun stuff for the kids, the Lions Club makes hot dogs and the police and fire departments have vehicles there and different displays.  Will had a great time bouncing on all the huge, inflated bouncy things (big slide, tunnel shaped like a caterpillar) and he dug in some sand to find silver pained stones to turn in for prizes.  Saginaw has an exotic animal rescue, very wonderful people running it – they have a tortoise who was SO sweet, and snakes, ferrets, lots of birds too.  I have never gotten this close to such a huge tortoise, he just munched on grass, oblivious to all the people petting him.  He liked getting his head scratched.

I talked to one of the firefighters because I’d always wondered what people could do if they wanted to volunteer for their fire department, but didn’t particularly want to go out and run into burning buildings.  First, the guy told me that actually doing the fire fighting wasn’t so bad (CAN YOU GUYS SEE ME DOING THAT!  HAHAHAHA) but that the auxiliary people do fire safety teaching in the community and some carry beepers so they can go to fires and bring water, coffee, etc. to the people helping.  So, SOME DAY, when the kids are a little older, I might go down to my local fire department and sign up.  I think first responders are part of the FD, not sure if I’d want to do that but since I’m already a nurse, I might think about it.

I really love the fire department but I’m not exactly sure why…

Sophie was crabby and loud all day, now she has a stuffy nose and after a (short) nap of about 1 1/2 hours, she is up and yelling again.  She wouldn’t nurse either, but maybe she will change her mind here…

I gave Will a bath tonight and when he stretches out, he almost takes up the whole bathtub!!!  How did my little Mr. Will get so huge?  *sigh*  He seems SO easy now compared to Sophie, and compared to how he was 6-9 months ago… ugh!  I think having language has helped a ton.  He also can understand when you explain things to him.

This week I am going to take some food to a friend who just had a baby, her husband is going back to work tomorrow and I’m going to bring the kids over and go sit with her, give her a chance to shower or just have some company.  That first week always sucks.  Eventually you find your way but it’s never easy.


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