Round and round she goes…

I had a whole bunch of stuff typed out and Baby child of mine just erased EVERYTHING!!!

OH let’s see, where was I.  She had another terrible night last night.  Decided she wanted to play starting at about 4 am and was still up at 7!!!!!  Finally around 6 I had to put her in the other room because I couldn’t stand it anymore.  I was so mad and I was hot and achy like I had a fever (damn mono) and finally I got her to sleep again sometime after 7 am and she gave me maybe 2.5 hours if that.  OH this is just no fun.  They are not napping at the same time anymore either and even if they were, her naps are so bad that I could never count on using one of them to catch up on sleep.  “Sleep when your baby sleeps.”  Sure, then they fail to tell you what to do with your 2.5 year old!

I think I am going to make a good old chicken dinner tonight.  With real mashed potatoes and green beans from my mother-in-law’s garden.  It’s not terribly hot today so probably a good time to do it.   I bought some fire roasted green wheat from the Middle Eastern store and there is a chicken dish I want to try sometime soon, maybe with the left over chicken.  Their deli is open by the way and it’s wonderful!!  I still have a few things in the fridge from lunch there the other day.

We had a good soaking rain early this morning.  We got almost 3/4 inch of rain here at our house which is the most rain we’ve had since last month.  It sure is dry.  Even the leaves on the trees are looking droopy.  The lawn is all burned.  It’s worse in the UP though, there was even a fire in Luce county recently.   I don’t think it got below 69 degrees last night.   I sure do love our weather station!  One day we’ll have it up and running online but not sure when we’ll do that.

We had looked at another piece of property, 40 acres for a great price but unfortunately it’s in the wrong school district.  Not a bad one, just would be a pain for us either doing school of choice or me driving them many miles to their school.  Oh well, we will just keep looking!


2 thoughts on “Round and round she goes…

  1. That weather station sounds *so* freaking cool. I just *loved* my weather and climate class in college! I think that I could have been a meterologist, hehe 🙂 I want a cool weather station for our home! Ohhh, I *so* feel for you about the sleeping thing. I am *so* sorry that you’re going through all of that *and* having mono to top it off! I can’t imagine how rough that must be. 😦 I never understood the “sleep when your baby sleeps” thing, either. LOL

  2. Keep up with the real estate search — I bet you find the perfect spot at the perfect time. 🙂 So sorry Sophie isn’t sleeping well again… Spencer’s in that phase ATM, but he’s about to hit 3 milestones at once, I think, so it’s no surprise. I let Tim sleep in the guest room last night so one of us would be rested! Still, mine are no comparison to yours…

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