I feel like such a failure!!!

I try and try and TRY to get my kids to sleep (it’s not so much my son right now but the baby), and I don’t even care if they don’t sleep all night, I just want them to sleep enough so that their parents can get enough sleep so we can at least not feel like crap all the time!

I was thinking about this and wondering exactly what it is about this sleep crap that makes me so stressed, and I decided it’s because I FAIL ALL THE TIME.  I try SO hard to get her to sleep, day and night, and I FAIL EVERY SINGLE DAY, MANY TIMES A DAY, I fail so much and the only thing that has ever come close has been sports… I’ve always sucked at them no matter how hard I tried, I always failed at that miserably… well this just takes the cake.  It just never gets better.  My son is better now but he’s going on 3 years old and I don’t know if I can take it that many more years…

It’s not like I failed an exam or I failed to finish college, or I failed to get the job I wanted, this is many failures all day long.  ALL DAY!

I’m off to go cry now and feel sorry for myself.


2 thoughts on “I feel like such a failure!!!

  1. Hey, you are succeeding every day in giving your kids all the love they need. If you set the scene and try to get them to sleep, you’ve done everything you can. Then it’s over to them 😉 Babies are just like that, they’re hard wired to wake up. Sorry it’s making you feel so crap in the day though, I know what that is like.

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