Mono sucks beyond belief…

I haven’t updated in a while, we had a really difficult week.  Right now my temperature is 100 and I feel horrible, I can’t believe this (expletive) mono is still hanging on.  A friend who had it said that whenever she didn’t get enough sleep or was under too much stress, it would flare up, I guess that’s what is happening to me.  Now that I think back I probably got mono right when I got strep throat which was right at the beginning of May.  Now we are nearing the beginning of August and I am still sick.  I am so depressed from all of this and from not enough sleep.  I just can’t continue on this way.

My son has been pretty difficult this week too, especially the past few days.  I think that the more awful I feel, the more difficult he is, probably because I’m not paying him as much attention, but honestly, I just don’t have the energy.  We did do something fun this week, the Midland library hosted “Touch a Truck” which was pretty cool, they had a bunch of city vehicles available for kids to check out, touch, climb on, etc. and Will got to sit inside a fire truck!  He was a little overwhelmed by it all at first, he didn’t want to get near anything.  I think he is used to seeing trucks on TV or from the car and isn’t used to being able to get really close up, and they must have seemed overwhelmingly huge to him!  I got to go inside a fire truck too which was cool, I helped him inside it and went in with him with Sophie on my chest in the Ergo.   She wound up falling asleep in it 20 minutes before we left and of course was awake as soon as she got in the car seat.  And, as usual, that was her nap for the morning.

Last night I was kind of a wreck because I was so tired and just fried from both the kids, so my dear husband got Will to bed, then took Sophie and sent me to bed.  He thought he would try her in another room, there is a bassinet part to the pack and play so we set that up.  Things actually went pretty well.  Shortly after 11 pm he put her down in it and she slept til about 2:45 am, woke to nurse, then he put her back in it around 3 and she woke up for the day just before 8 am.  We have not had a 5 hour stretch of sleep EVER, since before she was born!  Then I couldn’t get her back to sleep so she went to the other room with Daddy while I went back to sleep.  I woke up feeling so awful and achy, like the sleep did no good at all… then just now when I took my temperature I found out why.

I sure wish I’d had mono as a kid, I would have been able to get rid of it faster.  This sucks.


2 thoughts on “Mono sucks beyond belief…

  1. oh Liz, that’s awful. Clane and you have your hands full. All I can offer is sympathy. Here’s hoping you get a full nights sleep soon.

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