Sleep woes…

My daughter Sophie is 5 months old and does not sleep.  I am not a fan of sleep books for babies that are full of weird schedules and other things but reluctantly, I pulled out Pantley’s “No Cry Sleep Solution” last night after sitting in my chair sobbing because Sophie still wasn’t asleep for the night at 11:30 pm.  I think she is chronically sleep deprived.  She refuses to nap longer than about 1/2 hour at a time (I don’t think that even counts) and she is asleep for the night (not including waking to nurse about 3 times in 6-7 hours) around 11-12 at night.  She thinks she is up for the day around 6 (why???) although with a bit of struggling I can get her back to sleep (sort of) til about 8:30 am.  How is it that a 5 month old baby needs less sleep than her parents?  I would get up at 6 if I could go to bed at 10!!!

So after reading a bit in the book (which does explain a lot about infant sleep patterns) I have decided she is chronically sleep deprived.  Today I helped her resettle before she woke up all the way about 45 min into her first nap, and she is still sleeping, almost 2 hours later.  This is good.  I will take anything over 1 hour.  Later she will get another nap and I will do the same thing.  Then she is going to bed EARLY.  I don’t care what I am doing or what needs to be done, it will be stopped to put her to bed.  Then I will have to keep running in there to make sure she settles and doesn’t wake up all the way when she thinks she is just taking another cat nap.

Well Little Miss Sunshine is up now, so it’s off to my usual routine.


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