Class Reunion

Although there are always many things we do when we go to the UP, this was the highlight of the trip this summer.

As I was getting ready to head to the DT (Downtowner – it’s a bar in Houghton), I was feeling a little bit nervous. Many folks I hadn’t seen literally since we graduated and others I hadn’t seen since 2-3 years after that. I just didn’t know what to expect! Teenagers tend to form cliques but I was so hoping that we’d all outgrown that!

Much to my relief, we did! It was really a lot of fun seeing everyone, hearing about everyone’s lives and families, seeing pictures of kids, talking with everyone about their hard times and good times as well. I spent more time talking to classmates that I didn’t know well in high school because we either weren’t in the same classes or we just had different groups of friends, than I did talking with the friends I’d kept in touch with all along! I think after 20 years, life slaps you around a bit and nobody cares if you were friends back then or not. I was just happy to see everyone, and hear about everyone!

On Saturday afternoon we boarded the Keweenaw Star (it’s a boat that takes people for dinner cruises up Portage Lake and into Lake Superior and back) for a trip up Portage Lake to the north end of Portage Canal, into Lake Superior. It was a warm day so when we got to the big lake the breeze felt SO good! Clane and I decided the cruise would be more fun than dinner, so we got some child care for the cruise.  We went back to my mom’s for dinner, and after I got the baby to bed, I went back down to the Ramada Inn bar in Hancock to socialize some more. I was not very good at taking pictures but I do have a few that I hope to get sent out sometime soon.

I was a little bummed that I had to leave the nighttime activities behind so early but taking care of a baby and having to nurse every 2-3 hours does have its benefits… no hangover! 🙂


One thought on “Class Reunion

  1. Liz….what a nice blog…I loved your entry about our reunion. As I read the mentioning of talking more to people who you did not know well a chill of goose bumps overcame me. I had to read it again. It was great to make those connections with people form 20 years back.
    Thanks for setting up such a nice website.

    I loved your Lake Superior pictures. We to took a ride out to see the waves that night also. We went to the “Breakers”. My boys were overwhelmed and loved it!

    Take care
    Kathy (Pidgeon) Willman

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