Seems like all I ever do is piss and moan about how bad I feel…

I’m starting to get quite boring, as if I was ever that exciting to begin with.  Last night I turned my head just the wrong way for just a second and now my neck still aches, 12 hours later!  Why??  As if I need any more aches and pains and reasons to feel like crap!  I’m just so tired today, the one thing I need to get rid of this damn mono is more sleep and I just can’t have it.  It feels like I am going to be sick forever.

On the upside, we had some friends here for dinner last night – steak on the grill.  My husband and his friend have birthdays close together so we’ve made it an annual thing.  It was a great meal and great company too!  We had a nice time.

I am drinking Finnish coffee this morning.  I think I should go on a quest to try different coffee from around the world!  Sounds like a romantic notion but what will probably happen is that I’ll start in the international foods aisle at Meijer.  And I will probably wind up with 100 little bricks of coffee (since it seems to come that way everywhere else, at least in Europe) in my cupboard with my husband saying, “Do you REALLY need more coffee?”  All I know is that the coffee in Germany was absolutely awesome!  I drank copious amounts of it.

OK so maybe I’ll finish up the German, Lebanese and Finnish coffees I already have before getting more.  Doesn’t it sound like fun though?


2 thoughts on “Seems like all I ever do is piss and moan about how bad I feel…

  1. i forgot, i wanted to tell you about a film festival we went to in Saginaw. a guy from chicago took a guy from the U.P. back to Chi-town for the weekend. the yupper had never been south of Herley Wi. he lived near Ironwood. any way it was funny and reminded me of you. altho’ he never once said, ‘Holy Wa’.

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