I’m sitting here drinking Lebanese coffee…

and OH is it good!  It’s ground very fine, almost like a powder, and this one has cardamom in it!  They have it at Yasmeen’s in Saginaw.  The owner is so nice, they are opening a deli on July 1 and I can’t wait to go there to pick up some lunch!!  I am really loving this coffee!

This weekend was kind of crazy.  On Friday, our new furniture came.  I love all of it, but the kitchen table is just so pretty, it will look great no matter how I would ever design a kitchen, and the recliner is wonderful for those 4 am nursing sessions!  On Sunday Sophie was baptized and had two godmothers, one of them came down from the UP and yesterday she and my mom drove back home.  It was so nice having TWO adults here all the time to help me with the kids, getting to shower and poop alone is WONDERFUL!  After having a cup of delicious Lebanese coffee, I had more energy than I’ve had in weeks (go figure!!) so I started cleaning, well after that and running some errands, I got both kids to sleep and just crashed.  I was pretty much useless for the rest of the day.  Damn mono!  I really thought I was getting better but by the end of the day I’ve got a headache and sore throat again, and I’m just all worn out.

Both Sophie and Will had bad nights again, he was awake way past 11 so Clane went in with him.  Sophie nursed around 4:30 and decided she was up for the day (WTF???) so she proceeded to bounce around in the bed and finally Clane got irritated and went to the couch and I held her tight and she screamed (for some reason she almost always SCREAMS now right before falling asleep… it’s like her last release of pent up energy) and then she finally crashed and is still sleeping now at 10:15.  I was going to take Will to a somewhat informal playgroup today but I don’t want to wear myself out, maybe I can arrange to take him there in the next day or two.

I hate having mono, I don’t even remember what it’s like to feel good and I hate not being able to get anything done… this house (and my life) feel so chaotic and disheveled…

Did I say this coffee rocks?  I was warned (lol) that it was going to be strong and it is, but it’s so smooth, and the spice is just right!  Thanks Habib!  😀


3 thoughts on “I’m sitting here drinking Lebanese coffee…

  1. Wow, what a crummy night! And I thought mine was bad with a kid on each side of me peeing the bed, then rolling closer, and closer, and closer… the baby and I had to squeeze out & sleep at the end of the bed! lol I hope you can come over tomorrow! 🙂

  2. I *love* the taste of cardamom. Do you like chai? You can make it yourself at home. I think that you would really love it! I am so sorry that you feel so icky. 😦

  3. I Liz,
    I am blogging currently at blogspot.com under ‘soul4ego0’.

    I will catch up on your blog soon, having not read it in a while. I was on myspace/livejournal but things being as they are…..i need to get away from those friends. I am cruising people and trying to find a home.
    still screwed up, but life goes on.

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