Getting new furniture, and other things

I really should be going to bed (what the heck am I doing up so late?) but I haven’t posted on here in a long time so I thought I would do a quick one here before I turn in.  I am still sick, but it turns out that all the back pain I was having was because I’d actually put something out of place in my back.  My doctor is an osteopath and she told me one time over the phone how to get it back in.  So after some hot packs, a muscle relaxant and rolling on the floor on a rolled up towel, things felt better and the pain was 100% better the next day.  However I am still dealing with the headache, sore throat, occasional fever and tiredness from the mono.  That’s no fun.

We are getting new furniture tomorrow!!  A recliner and new kitchen table with chairs.  We’ve been using borrowed/REALLY old used furniture for a long time and finally decided to replace some of it.  The recliner is very comfortable, you could almost spend nights in it, if you can stand sleeping on your back.  The kitchen table is really pretty, I think, it’s plain, unstained hardwood (oak?) and it’s very Scandinavian looking, comfy chairs… and the cool part is that the leaf is self storing under the table!  It’s very sturdy and something our grandkids can fight over when we’re gone.

My mom has been here visiting this week and for the past few days I’ve gotten to take naps with the baby.  She is restless but it’s better than no naps, although when I wake up I feel like I could sleep all day.  I know it’s beneficial but I just don’t feel any better.  But I know I won’t get better if I don’t get sleep, this will just hang on all summer if I’m not careful.

Sophie is going to be baptized on Father’s Day, we have a cute dress all ready for her (with matching shoes!) and all the arrangements have been made.  We’ll have lunch at a Chinese buffet in town afterwards.  I just talked to one of Sophie’s godmothers today, she is down here visiting a friend and will be here at our house early Sunday morning.

Mono sucks, but not as bad as strep throat, and I’d rather have strep throat any day over nausea/vomiting/diarrhea!


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