Oh my…

Now today I feel like the day AFTER someone beat the snot out of me with a baseball bat… my whole left side from my ribs to my knees hurts like crazy, I can hardly even touch it… I feel like a crippled old lady, I can hardly get up from a chair or sit down, or turn over in bed… someone shoot me…


One thought on “Oh my…

  1. Oh, my poor Liz!

    That really sucks to be so run down and sick! I hope now that Clane is back you can crash for a while. If we lived closer I’d take the rugrats for you, but in the meantime here’s a {{{{HUG}}}} for you. It will get better, really… hang in there! (FIGURATIVELY, not LITERALLY). Sick humor, sorry lol.

    Check this out, I’m sure you’ve probably seen it already, but I can’t help laughing every time I watch…

    Love you dear!


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