I’m 38 years old, I’ve been exposed to mono a million times or more, and now I have mono!!!  😦  No wonder I feel so awful… I’m so tired and it feels like someone has been pounding on my body with a baseball bat.  My Epstein-Barr titer was 4 times higher than normal.  The really crappy part is that Epstein-Barr virus can cause chronic fatigue syndrome (although in my not so humble opinion, so can having two small children who don’t sleep!)… so on top of everything else, that would suck so bad… I don’t need to be any more tired than I already am!!  EBV can flare up later on so let’s hope it doesn’t… but chances are, if I can’t get decent sleep on a regular basis, it probably will.  I don’t have a chance if I can’t sleep.  And I’ve been sick so many times in the past 12 months, with stuff I either rarely get or have never had before!

The good news is, no more strep throat.  I don’t know why I still have a few white dots on the back of my throat, but my culture was negative.  I’m really glad about that because the doctor said she was going to send me to an ENT who would probably talk to me about having my tonsils out.  At 38 years old!!!  Can you imagine?

Well at least I know all of this, what I’ve been feeling, is due to something, and not just me being tired and having nothing abnormal show up.  I hope I am feeling better by July when we are going to the UP for my 20th class reunion!   But that will consist of sitting on a boat, eating and having a beer… so at least it’s nothing strenuous…


4 thoughts on “I HAVE MONO

  1. Oh girlie! That sucks! If there’s anything I can do to help, let me know. If you want to drop Will off for a few hours or something, I’m game… I doubt I’d be much help if I visited you — you’d get even less sleep with my brood screeching with Will all over the place. lol

    Hugs, Carolynn

  2. BUMMER! Well, at least you know what it is. I’m so sorry! I had mono a couple of years back, for the second time, and it stunk. I hope you feel better soon!!!!

  3. I am so sorry! I am 32 and was diagnosed a little more than 2 months ago. It’s so embarrassing to have to tell people that I am in my 30s and have mono! Try to rest…that’s the best thing you can do. (I know, I know…easier said than done.) I still feel like I’ve been run over by a truck most days of the week. (I’m so encouraging…)

    Feel better soon!

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