Why, oh why, am I not getting better…

I’m back to the doctor’s tomorrow… even though I had another week of antibiotics, I still have a sore throat, a low grade temp and a few small white spots on the back of my throat.  I am tired beyond belief and just SO irritated that this has been going on so long!!  When I looked at the calendar, I couldn’t believe that it’s been a month already that I’ve been sick!  This STINKS!!!  I know it’s because I don’t get enough rest and I just don’t see how I can right now, really… I’m sure being alone last week didn’t help me at all (even though Chris and Sarah brought me cookies – thanks guys, they were really good!), I just feel like I’m never going to get caught up or ever feel good again!

Clane’s trip to Sweden went well… he brought home a little stuffed reindeer for Sophie, a toy plane for Will, a pen with the Swedish flag all over it for me and a neat piece of carved and pained glass that is signed and numbered by the artist.  He said Sweden looks like the UP which is not a surprise, since there are a lot of Scandinavians living up there – it must have reminded them of home.  Someday, we’ll all get over there together.  I know absolutely not a single word of Swedish… and I don’t think I would even recognize it if I heard it.  Finn, on the other hand, is so unique… I’d recognize that anywhere!  I would like to go to Finland even more than Sweden (sorry!)!

I’ll see what my doctor says tomorrow, probably more cultures and who knows what after that, more antibiotics I guess… good thing I am eating handfuls of acidophilus capsules because I’d be sprouting mushrooms by now!!


One thought on “Why, oh why, am I not getting better…

  1. Ugh! I can’t believe that you’re *still* not feeling well! That sucks! 😦 Strep totally drains your energy. I remember feeling *exhausted* when I had it ~ twice ~ a while back! Get better soon, OK? Keep us updated on how you’re doing. I’m glad that your hubby got back from Sweden just fine! My husband’s ancestry is Danish/Finnish. His great-grandma came over from Finland. His mom tells a lot of stories about that.

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