Waiting… waiting… waiting…

Just waiting for my baby to fall asleep… she is WIDE AWAKE and I’m SO SO SO TIRED…

I don’t think I am ever going to be healthy until I can get REGULAR GOOD SLEEP… it’s just not going to happen.

At least she isn’t screaming.  Not like last night!  Oh my that was not fun.  And at least she slept long enough so that I could get Will to bed.  Problem is that I wanted to go to sleep 1 1/2 hours before Will went down… and here I am, still up…

I hope my hubby is having a good night’s sleep in Sweden.  If she’s still awake in another hour, maybe I’ll be his 6 am wakeup call…


2 thoughts on “Waiting… waiting… waiting…

  1. I’m sooooo sorry you’re having a rough time! I hope it gets better soon…and that you get some much-deserved sleep.
    I’m glad you had a great birthday, at least!

  2. ((hugs)) I wish I could come over & spell ya a bit… 😦 Get better soon & let me know if there’s anything I can do (without infecting myself 😉 ).`

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