I had a really nice birthday, after all…

I did wind up having a pretty good day yesterday, in the end. My husband got home and right away we got to the county building to file Sophie’s passport papers, just before they closed! After that, we came home and I opened my birthday presents – I got some lovely things from my husband and kids (with his help!). Then we went out for sushi, and after I’d filled my belly with raw fish, we came home and I had a big slab of ice cream cake from a local ice cream shop that makes all their own ice cream. (Oreo, of course!) I popped on my email quickly while getting the bath ready for the kids and saw that I became an official La Leche League Leader!! I thought it would be this week as I mailed in my paperwork on Monday, but it was a wonderful bit of news to add to my day. 🙂 I have worked on it for almost 1 1/2 years, and it is just a relief to be done! I have a co-leader in Midland and I talked with her on the phone a couple of times this week, so we could get things coordinated. She is putting my number on her answering machine so I could start getting calls at any time!

Sophie kind of got back into her normal nighttime routine last night, and she did nap today but all of it was on me or in the sling. But at least she napped. It’s so hard when they fight sleep! But, she did roll over today, from her back to her tummy… so that was exciting! I don’t think Will did that until he was at least 5 months old…

So I turned 38 yesterday, and life just keeps getting better. Really, I don’t have a problem with 40, I mean, why be concerned when everyone is getting older every day they are alive… it’s all part of life! I’m so blessed with a wonderful family, good friends… even when my kids drive me crazy, I do love them so much and they are really beautiful kids… Today Will found the moon in the sky and later on, it wasn’t where he’d seen it before and was kind of sad that it was “gone”. I told him, the moon was like him, always moving, never staying in the same place. I told him he would see it again, he just had to look for it somewhere else, and he did, and got excited when he found it again. And he’s only 2 1/2, and to understand that sort of thing! I just love that we can talk to each other about stuff… he’s always thinking about trains, all the time… it’s really cute and funny, but he is so bright and amazes me all the time!

After our moon conversation, he was riding around in a little toy car he has, backwards, in a circle, saying, “I’m the moon!  I’m the moon!”  It was cute, and pretty funny!

Now if I can survive my husband’s trip to Sweden next week by myself… whew…


One thought on “I had a really nice birthday, after all…

  1. What a nice post Liz! You sound so happy and had lots of wonderful news to share! Congrats on your LLL leadership! I know you’ve been working on it for awhile now! Good work!
    How exciting that Sophie is rolling over! Its hard to believe she is growing so fast!
    Liam and Will would have so much fun together talking about trains and the moon! Those are two of Liam’s favorite things too! Everytime we see the moon he sings, “I see the moon and the moon sees me, God bless the moon and God bless me” Such sweet hearts our boys have!

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