While the kids are sleeping…

It’s a good thing we didn’t make travel plans to go to Sweden.  It turns out that my husband has to be at a meeting in Germany Wednesday morning, then it’s back on a plane again that afternoon to head to Sweden.  He’ll be there for a day, then back on the plane the next day, stopping over in Copenhagen, then back home.  If we’d planned to go with him, we would have stayed in Sweden longer, but the Germany issue could have been tricky… he pretty much arrives there at 5:30 am, gets a car, goes to his meeting, gets back in the car to get on a plane to Sweden.  It would have been hard with two little ones, hanging out without a hotel room, just to get on a plane again… I don’t sleep on planes so that wouldn’t have been much fun!

Sophie has a cold!  She kept us up til 2 this morning, actually kept Clane up later than that.  Fortunately her nose is nice and runny, she’s getting it out of her system so we’ll just lay low until she is better.  I thought Will had an allergic reaction to the brush pile our neighbors burned (all at once, the thing was probably 10 feet high and they lit the WHOLE THING ON FIRE) because I could smell the smoke in here.  But it looks like it was a cold.  My friend visited with her little boy this weekend and I sure hope he isn’t sick!  (Anne, let me know about Ben, ok?  I really thought it was allergies… 😦 )

It’s in the 80’s here and did I tell you I hate the heat?  I’ve got the A/C on…


One thought on “While the kids are sleeping…

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