I’m so tired…..

I was talking with a friend yesterday and when I told her at what times I get up from the bed and go nurse Sophie in the chair, she said, WELL NO WONDER YOU ARE SO TIRED!!!!! She really nursed a lot last night too, I just crashed in between feedings and when it was time for another, I thought, nooooooo!!!!! Then Will woke up a little earlier than usual, so I got deprived of another 45 min or so of sleep. Oh well, one of these days… I just can’t even picture what it will be like to go to bed at 10 or 11 and not get disturbed til 7 or 8… I won’t know what to do with myself!

My husband is going to Sweden next week. I want to go to Sweden! But we don’t have a passport for Sophie yet. The good thing, is that he will most likely be going back sometime, and we’ll work on getting her passport between now and then. Europe is so easy and I’m not at all worried about being there with two little kids… maybe some parts of it but Scandinavia shouldn’t be difficult at all. My mom reminded me of a couple of her friends who are from Finland, and one of them would go home and haul all 5 of her boys with her! The other had 3 kids and took them too… so I think I can handle going over with 2! I’m a little bit concerned about how to get both the kids to bed when Clane is away but Will might get to fall asleep watching pre-recorded episodes of Sesame St. while I work on getting Sophie to go down for the night.

Sophie has decided she is not going to nap anymore.  She fought naps for about 5 days in a row last week!  Now she is finally asleep in our bed, for about the last 45 minutes, which is a record!  I think she is so much more aware of everything, that it’s distracting her.  I think she is going to need naps in a quiet room, because napping on the go just isn’t enough anymore.  Looks like I’ll have to make some big changes in my routines, once again!


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