Who are you?

Someone is reading this every day, who are you?  🙂

Sophie had a much better night last night, THANK GOD, and I even fell asleep in the chair nursing her for like an hour and was all confused when I got back to the bedroom and saw the time.  I can’t ever sleep in a recliner so I know I was tired!  Sometimes I can put that girl in her swing and she’ll snooze there on and off for hours, I put her there this morning but I should have done it earlier, would have picked up a little more sleep.  It’s a big relief though.


One thought on “Who are you?

  1. I’m sorry you havent been feeling well!! I wish I lived closer so I could at least wash your dishes or fold your laundry or something for ya!

    Liam and I have both been battling pinkeye now. I’ve had it for about 4 days, Liam for about 3 weeks! He first had an allergic reaction to the medicine and now it just wont clear up for him! He’s been seeing an opthamologist because Dr. A wouldnt deal with him because there was so much hemmoraging around his eye! Crazy!

    I’m still waiting to see pics of that beautiful baby!

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