Sophie’s been having some bad nights

And I am so fried, I’m still running a low temp (99.6) despite having been on antibiotics for almost a week now.  I have a feeling I’m going to be sick until I can get some good, regular sleep.  Sleeping from 12-4, then being up for the day is NOT a good night.  😦  I’m sure it’s because Sophie is hitting her 3 month growth spurt, and combine that with my milk supply taking a dip – when I was feeling much worse I couldn’t eat much, and wasn’t hungry at all, and I found out how dependent my milk is on how much I’m eating.  She was getting enough to get by, but not enough to really be satisfied for long, even my son started nursing more often to try to get my supply up.  I can finally eat again and I’ve been eating a lot to try to get things back to where they usually are – once again I have copious amounts of milk (more than I need, really) but I haven’t caught up with losing so much sleep between being sick and not being able to swallow without the pain of that waking me, and her being fussy all night long and bouncing around in the bed.

Sometimes I feel like things will never get better, that I will never feel happy, rested, content or even human again.  I’m really having a pretty bad day.


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