We’ve been looking for property…

And I’m getting really frustrated!!  There is a lot of farming in this area so there aren’t a lot of wooded areas.  We are working with a couple of different real estate agents who have let us know of a couple of wooded parcels in our school district.  Unfortunately, each time we’ve gone to look at the properties, there has been very little buildable land on them.  It turns out that most of the woods around here is wetlands!  For example, there is a 10.5 acre lot just within walking distance that we have been seriously considering.  We went for a few walks there now and the woods just seemed so wet and low.  I was able to find a map of wetlands in the area and it looks like 80% of that property is wetlands!!  So I was telling my husband last night that “woods” down here doesn’t mean woods, it means SWAMP!  And if that’s the way it was, I’d rather buy 10 acres of bare farmer’s field and let it grow in, at least the land would be high and dry and we wouldn’t have to worry about the DNR or whether or not we could have a basement!

I guess I’m used to “woods” meaning  the woods, like they are in the UP.   Makes me so homesick!  *sigh*


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