I’m feeling a bit better about the woods…

Today my in laws went with us to walk on the wooded property near us that we are looking to buy.  They have a lot of experience in these things and they are going to contact a builder they have worked with for years to come check it out.  We need to find out if we’d be able to change the land a bit, like put in a pond for better water drainage.  We also need to see where exactly we would have building sites.  Once we get that information, we’ll be able to decide what to do about buying it.

It was so lovely back there today, I really hope there is somewhat of an easy and not too expensive solution to our water concerns.  If we can, we’ll probably put an offer in on it before long.  My father in law pointed out that there were many different trees that were happily growing there, which would not survive if it were wet throughout the whole year.  I am feeling better about this now and more hopeful.  But I’m going to try to not get too emotional about the whole thing, at least not until we find out what the builder has to say.


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