I like wordpress…

I am considering switching to this blogger from blogspot. The main reason, is that I like that they keep stats on how many people visit my blog, and where they came from. It’s pretty cool. I will put an update at my old blog to let folks know to come here instead.

We got our weather station up and running – it’s a Davis Instruments, Vantage Pro 2. We had a little rain last night and it measured .55 inches of rain, and there is this little ticker that goes across the bottom of the console screen – it kept saying that it’s raining cats and dogs! Seriously! And it can predict the weather for the next 1-2 days. We both are really enjoying it and the next step is to get it hooked into the computer and get the data online. The NOAA wants data so I’ll plan to send it to them as well.

I got an email today from my friend Laura that her son has gotten to boot camp – he just enlisted in the Army. I’ll try to write him a quick letter sometime in the next week. I’m really proud of him, but afraid for him as well… no doubt they will be sending him to Iraq when he’s done and it’s likely he and his dad will be deployed at the same time. 😦


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