2 month update (9 weeks today!)

Things are starting to get a little bit better but not fast enough for this tired mama! Sophie is doing a lot better at night, she is finally agreeing to sleep during the time when she would otherwise be awake. And that is a huge relief for all of us. Now if I could actually sleep before 1 am or past 7:30 am or both, I’ll be really happy! Otherwise she is doing great, she really looks big to me and is in quite a few of her 3-6 month outfits now. I will take her to the doctor on Wednesday and I’m guessing she is between 12 and 13 pounds. She is getting a little more predictable with her naps too so that makes life a little easier for me!

We set a date for her baptism, June 17th which is Father’s Day. Will was baptized on Mother’s Day 2005 so this is really cool! She will have two godmothers, my good friend Amy and Clane’s sister! Both were just thrilled to be asked to be godparents!

We had some pictures taken at Sears this weekend… what a racket… wish I could take better pics or at least had better backgrounds because it’s a rip off I think! They did come out nice, but I think once the kids are in school, we won’t do Sears anymore! Will was near hysterical and refused to cooperate… the one shot she got of the 4 of us looks kind of harried but it’s the best we could all do! Sometimes you just gotta go with the flow!

It was our 5th anniversary on the 20th and we had a nice dinner at the Italian place where we had our reception. I had a lemon chicken breast with capers and it was so good! We had some really awesome wine too, I’ll be wanting to get more of that from somewhere! Will was a PITA but Sophie slept through most of it! I’m tellin ya, 2 1/2 is not for the faint of heart!! Clane bought me a really cool weather station, by Davis Instruments. I’m excited about it because once we get it up and running, and get the data online, we’ll be sending it to the NOAA to help them with their forecasting! It’s a really cool weather station and I’m really excited about it!

Clane also found Saturn this weekend through the telescope and it was the first time I ever saw it. It was very tiny but you could clearly see the rings. He didn’t tell me what I was looking at but I knew right away, it was really neat… Hopefully he’ll be able to find it again some clear night!


3 thoughts on “2 month update (9 weeks today!)

  1. A weather station? That sounds cool! You’ll have to tell me about it next week. 🙂 I’m glad baby’s sleeping better for you!

  2. Some time this summer you MUST invite me over so I can see all of that good stuff in the heavens. All I get now is my Saturday dose of Jack Stargazer on PBS…comes on after Red Green.

  3. I am *so* glad that she’s sleeping a bit better now. Meredith is, too, somewhat. June 17th is our seventh wedding anniversary! How cool that they will be both baptized on holidays like that!

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