32 week check up

I am happy to say, things are going very well! My blood pressure was totally normal (it has been at home too), and the baby sounded really good. I am measuring 33 cm (should be 32 at 32 weeks) which is a little big for now but she was not at all concerned about it. I have gained a total of 23 pounds. I expect it will probably wind up being between 25 and 30 – as I get bigger I won’t be able to eat as much. I set up all the OB appointments I will need from here to the end – I actually made them through 41 weeks, being the eternal pessimist that I am! If I go before then, I can use one of them for the baby’s check up and someone else can have any other(s) that are left! I will be seen in 2 weeks at 34 weeks, then in another 2 weeks at 36 weeks, then it’s weekly until the birth. It will be interesting to see how this all turns out. The only thing I REALLY want is to go into labor on my own, without any inducing drugs at all. From there, I know I can handle whatever comes next.

Today it is raining. All the snow we got over a week ago is now melted. Today after the doctor’s I went to Yasmeen’s (Middle Eastern store in Saginaw) and got some baklava, stuffed grape leaves, a huge jug of olive oil and a few other things. I just love that place! Tonight I am going back to Saginaw for some La Leche League business. My son is napping right now and giving me a little quiet computer time. I try not to do any work while he is sleeping because I need a break too when I can get one, but it is tempting especially when I have a mountain of dirty dishes in the kitchen… I’ll feel better once that’s all taken care of!


One thought on “32 week check up

  1. Thanks for the Christmas card Liz! I miss you too!!! Its funny to look at your pregnancy because I was pregnant with Liam at the same time! I remember because so annoyed about Christmas and being so freaking huge. I did get the cutest maternity dress for Christmas though and its so cute I wish I could wear it this year..haha. The next bit of time will fly for you, just be careful in the snow!

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