What a miserable week…

Last weekend, we were all sick. Throwing up, diarrhea, it was lovely! I threw up for the first time in probably at least 10 years. We were all just so miserable! Other people in my husband’s family had it also, Will got it first and we got it later. We are still not quite back to normal, it has been hard to eat and for a couple of days it seemed like I lived off Gatorade and crackers. Not at all fun, especially being 29 weeks pregnant!! I still have a little nausea on and off, and last night had a bad headache and had to go to bed. Will even puked yesterday morning – even though he’d gone a few days keeping everything down. You can just tell by watching him that he’s not feeling completely normal yet either.

Clane has this whole weekend off for Thanksgiving – 4 days in a row. It’s always nice when we are all here together! We had Thanksgiving dinner at his parents’ house, it was the first Thanksgiving that his sister was home in about 15 years. The food was good but none of us could eat much! And Will was just not his playful self. He usually jumps right down and wants to go find the dog and play with his toys, but yesterday he clung to me and would not look at anyone or let anyone touch him for a while.

I made sweet potato pie from the American Test Kitchens cookbook. It came out really good, it’s not heavily spiced so you could really taste the flavor of the sweet potato. You also blind bake the crust, and while it’s still hot, you sprinkle brown sugar on the bottom before putting in the filling. It was great (in fact pretty much everything I’ve made from that book has been really good) and will probably be the recipe I will use from now on for that pie. I enjoyed it even though I could not eat much, just had a small piece with real whipped cream too! Mmmm.

Everything with the baby seems to be going well. I am getting more pain in my pelvis now, as the joints all start to soften up. I had my 1 hour glucose tolerance test last weekend, and my doctor’s office does not call you with normal labs – so I am assuming it was fine. I’ll see them again on Wednesday. I’m going every 2 weeks now, isn’t that weird? It doesn’t seem like I should be that far along already. Yet it still seems like I’ve got a really long wait til the end. I’m sure the holidays will make that part go fast, but January into February will probably be the slowest part, and nothing much happening to break up that time. Guess I’ll be doing a lot of knitting. My blood pressure is good too, but it was OK until 31 weeks with Will… I’ll be watching it closely from here on out.


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