Third trimester…

Here we are at 26 weeks, it seems like I shouldn’t be this far along yet! We are starting childbirth class (BradleyMethod) tomorrow, I remember talking with the instructor at the beginning of summer and asking her to put us on her class list. She said we’d start the beginning of November when I’m starting my third trimester, and now here we are! I think having another child to care for has made this pregnancy go by very fast!

I really feel pretty good. I get a little achey at the end of the day, sometimes my ribs, back and belly hurt. But it’s not every day, and it’s not constant. Generally I have some energy and feel fine most of the time! Will wants to wrestle but I just don’t want to be jumped on! Other than my legs swelling ALREADY, I really haven’t felt awful like I did when I was pregnant with Will. We are still watching my blood pressure (I should go take it just to see) since I started medication at 31 weeks the last time. I was definitely happy to be having a baby when I was pregnant with Will, but wasn’t real happy being pregnant because I just didn’t feel good for most of it. But now, I’m happy to have another baby, and happy being pregnant too, I just feel well most of the time and that helps!

Not much else to add except I got news about Lisanne (the link to her blog is on the right!), she had her daughter last night, way to go Lisanne!! I can’t wait to see pictures! Reading your hubby’s update made me cry, hormonal wreck that I am! 🙂


One thought on “Third trimester…

  1. Awww! Thank you so much for your congratulations and good wishes! We are so happy and excited ~ and of course *extremely* proud of our little Meredith! 🙂 I can’t wait to write her birth story. Best wishes to you!

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