Belly dancing pics

I have suddenly had WAY too many hits on this post than is comfortable for me, so I’ve taken down the links to the pictures.  Sorry.

Just thought I’d post links to a couple of pictures a friend of mine took recently. She had a bunch of friends over for a night of food and dance! We had a really good time! She had all her costume stuff out so people who had never tried it before could put on some coins and shake their booties! I was probably about 10 weeks pregnant in these pictures. I was so tired earlier that day, that I felt like I’d just crawled out of a hole but managed to pull it together anyway! (I was very glad I went, it was fun!) And, that is a sword on my head in this picture. I’m not sure when I’ll be dancing again, but I’ll get some pictures when I do!


2 thoughts on “Belly dancing pics

  1. woah Liz!!! You look good for being preggers and not having sh*T for clothing on your boobs!!! I could not pull that off!!!

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