Some big news!

Clane and I are happy to report that I am pregnant, and we are expecting in February! It was kind of a surprise, we knew we wanted another baby but did not expect it to happen so fast! I am about 6 weeks along now and feeling pretty good. I feel totally different than I did when I was pregnant with Will, it seems like I was a lot more tired and sick by this time. I kept a diary so I’ve been referring back to that. I am also craving meat which is very strange since I am usually a semi vegetarian. I had a whole can of salmon for lunch today! So I must need the protein. I’ve also been eating things not typical for a woman in early pregnancy… like kale and swiss chard (with lots of garlic!)! So maybe I’ll feel better this time around.

Not much else beats that news… I’m off to create a new ticker now, to add to my big collection!


One thought on “Some big news!

  1. Yah!!!! I’m so excited!!! Everyone is getting pregnant again! I am catching baby fever! Now I need to catch a husband….STAT!!!

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