Now I’ve got a cold…

I wound up having to call the doctor’s office to find out if everyone has this cold that just hangs on for weeks. And they said it’s going around. I at least could get some cold medicine for Will that has helped, although he and Clane seem to be feeling better. Now I’ve had a sore throat since Saturday and my nose is getting plugged up more today. My mom left this morning and she’s got a cold too! Hopefully we don’t have them for weeks!

The house is all quiet now that my mom is gone. I miss her already! It was really nice having her here. She and Will had so much fun together.

I found another place to get local eggs today! I’m happy, and they are only $1.50 per dozen. They are nice and big too! I got a big jar of honey from the farmer’s market, along with a good loaf of bread and a hanging flower basket for the front. It will be really nice when summer gets going and there are more people selling things there. Anyone who lives locally here should go check it out!

Over the weekend I made a really wonderful Hungarian walnut torte called a dios torte. It calls for a dozen eggs and not much flour at all! And coffee buttercream. I brought it to a potluck at my sister in law’s new house, and it went over very well. I enjoyed it! But it’s one of those things that you have once every few years or so! Yum! 🙂


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