It’s the weekend again!

It’s FRIDAY! Friday is always my favorite day. Hubby is home from a long week working, we can spend the evening relaxing, it’s just a big relief! And, tomorrow my mom is coming for a visit. She’ll be here around 2 weeks I think. It will be so nice for her to see Will. She hasn’t seen him since Christmas, this will be the first time she saw him walking. We are going to have a busy week next week, I have some co op stuff to do and she has a couple of medical appointments. It looks like the weather is going to be wonderful. Monday will be my first visit to an organic farm where the co op gets pasture fed beef and chicken and eggs. I’m really looking forward to the visit. Will loves cows so if he can see some close up it will make him happy!

I don’t have many interesting things to report right now. Will still has some post nasal drip that is giving him a gunky sounding cough but it’s slowly getting better. We did not spend time out in the pollen today so hopefully that will mean less coughing tonight. We went to a friend’s 1 year old’s birthday party today and that was fun. He played really well, I think he is finally learning more about kids his age, he is starting to play better with them. Although he did hug the 1 year old and he hugs hard… knocked the poor little guy to the floor (Will towers over him!) and made him cry! But I think all was forgiven in the end. I’ll plan to have them come play here soon. He also said his first name today, it was “Ella”… she’s a friend of his, 1 year older to the day!

As for weekend plans, I am pretty sure the Midland Farmer’s Market opens tomorrow morning so I think we’re all going to go see what’s there. I want to do a lot of shopping there this summer. Buying locally is important to me! Even if I go and just get a loaf of bread. I know my mom will want to get some groceries and I’ll be getting a big bunch of produce from the co op on Monday. Otherwise I’m not totally sure what else we have planned. We might go visit my in laws as well.

Most of the flowers I planted this past week are doing well, there will always be a couple of annuals that don’t look so good but for the most part they are happy. I cannot believe we have lilac bushes blooming down here already. We had an early and warm spring! It’s really dry though, we sure could use the rain, if nothing else to wash the pollen out of the air! The pollen I think has been especially bad this year, but I haven’t had trouble which makes me happy. Maybe it’s all the raw honey I’ve been eating. I hope so!


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