Flowers and cooking

I took this picture yesterday when I was playing around with the camera. Flowers are proving to be tricky, it seems like the camera wants to focus on everything but the flower even though the flower is in the little rectangle! I’ll just have to keep practicing. I think this is called a flowering plum, in any case Clane got it for me for my birthday a few years back. It’s my birthday tree!

I am making stir fry tonight for dinner. It will have chicken, red pepper, onions, garlic, ginger, water chestnuts and bamboo shoots. I might throw a little carrot in there too. I’ll serve it with brown rice. I love stir fries, they are so good and you can put about anything in them! Yesterday I made some biscuits that had yeast in them. Never tried that before. They came out ok. They were Paula Deen’s recipe from Food Network.


One thought on “Flowers and cooking

  1. I love that photo! So pretty! Hope you’re having fun experimenting with your new camera. We’re selling ours on eBay [as you know], and I’m excited to get a new one! I *adore* Paula Deen’s recipes!

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