Shalom in the Home

You know, I really like Schmuley! I was telling my mom that I like him so much, he makes me want to become Jewish! I just think he’s really neat and the way he helps people with his problems is gentle yet very effective it seems. I guess I need to get one of his books.

Speaking of books, I’m reading “The Omnivore’s Dilemma” right now and it makes me never want to ever eat meat from a grocery store again! Actually it makes me not want to eat most foods again! (That’s highly unlikely except the meat part.) It’s a real eye opener providing all the info in there is correct to the best of his knowledge. He was on NPR one day and Clane (my hubby) bought me the book. It’s really interesting!

Edited on 8-31-07

I don’t like Schmuley anymore.  He has a problem with NORMAL breastfeeding (what our society would call “extended”) and he has a HUGE problem with mothers sharing their beds with their babies.  He sure didn’t score any points with me on those two points.  I’d totally forgotten about this post until I saw in my blog stats that someone had dug it up.


2 thoughts on “Shalom in the Home

  1. Hey Liz, How about some meat from tohos birds with “chest tassles”….totally organic except for the birdshot.

  2. I’m not sure why this post got read today, it’s from ages ago… but since it was posted, I decided I don’t like Schmuley anymore. He really seems to have a problem with NORMAL breastfeeding (ie, what our society would call “extended”) and he also has a problem with a mom sharing her bed with her baby. So I don’t really like him anymore. I should really go edit my post.

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