My first blog

As I sit here writing this, I am wondering who would want to read it and why? But then a friend of mine reminded me that I have a lot of interests. I’m a second and third generation Finnish/Hungarian mom of a 17 month old son. I’m an RN although now staying at home, and I’ve been married to my wonderful man for 4 years. I’m a little bit of a hippie, we use cloth diapers and I belong to a really nice little food co-op here in the area. I am also active with La Leche League which supports breastfeeding mamas.

I’ve got a pet parrot who yells at my son and the cats, I used to scuba dive in college and I love collecting postage stamps and doing a lot of art stuff. I’m interested in all sorts of stuff, if you care to keep reading (if it’s not too boring) you’ll find out all kinds of things. I love to cook and will probably frequently post about what I’m making on here.


2 thoughts on “My first blog

  1. I’ll make sure to post some recipes!! However often I don’t use recipes but I can at least try to tell you what I did!

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